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About Us

Havant YBC is, unsurprisingly, all about involving children in Tenpin Bowling.  However, it's really more than that. As can be seen from our Mission and Vision Statements below, we're all about helping our children to improve themselves and their involvement in their community through training and fun. 

Mission Statement

Our Aim is to provide the opportunity for the local youth community, to develop their community spirit, social skills, achieve their potential in the sport of Ten-Pin Bowling, leading to a local and national youth tournament standard, whilst promoting the importance of community values.

Vision Statement

To develop our youth bowlers to attain a standard that provides a sense of pride and personal attainment in a sporting environment, striving to reach county and national tournament standard by providing an enjoyable and attractive scheme of progressive training and personal development.

This Website

This site provides a major part of the communication between the club, it's bowlers and their parents and the community in general.  It will also provide a growing amount of information about Havant YBC, it's people and what it does.

If any parents or bowlers wish to contribute to this site and/or the new Newsletter, please see Sandie or Nigel Montgomery on a Saturday morning or email through the site (address on the contacts page).   Also, any parents who wish to find out out more about the club or become involved in the running of the club, please feel free to catch any of the committee members on a Saturday morning (list of names on the contacts page) or contact us through this site.