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  • Perfect Game for a Havant YBC Old Boy
    Scott Fletcher who is an 'Old Boy' of Havant YBC bowled a perfect 300 game at Tolworth on Thursday this week.  In Scott's own words, "You just don't know when it's the day you're going to do it, you just do it. They weren't even good strikes .. a couple of brookies ,over adjusted on the last one which came in so late an eight slid and fell then took out the ten. Until now I wouldn't have believed a perfect pocket game would have sounded boring. I've bowled as near to perfect so many times and missed out, but this way is so much more exciting and leaves you a better story to tell on how it nearly didn't happen". Congratulations to Scott on this fantastic achievement.  We're all proud of you. For those who aren't sure who Scott is, pictures below are of Scott as he was when he was bowling (back row right) and as he is now (I think he's the one with the green ears???).  Click on either photo for a larger version.

  • Thoughts from the Front Line
    What’s it like to be part of a winning  team?  This is one of the questions we’ve asked of the successful InterYBC team that has competed at the last two rounds and below we show some of the comments we got from them. 

  • “The older lads treat you like one of them … the team spirit is fantastic”

    “I know I won’t play in all the games but I want to… I really want to play the last round at Havant because we’ll be even better by then”

    “Two firsts on the spin….awesome!”

    “We haven’t even touched our best yet”

    “A good rotation of players is our other strength … a good mix is available to the squad now”

    “I want to play at Havant but winning at Pompey would be special”

    “We’re now the team everyone wants to beat”

    From this, we hope you can see that it’s a great feeling.  We’re looking to get more people involved in this team so if we approach you for the remaining rounds between January and July, hopefully this will show how much fun it can be.

  • Further InterYBC Success
    Another fantastic performance by all the team on January 11th for the third round of this years competition.  Special congratulations have to go to Dale Woodcock for bowling games of 278, 197 and 289 for a 764 series.  The whole team deserve immense thanks for turning out (especially Paul Mitchell who stepped in at the last minute) having had a long and tiring day at the South Of England Open the previous day - all were a credit to themselves, their parents and the club.  Full results on our Results Page.
  • Instructors required
    The club needs more instructors to help move the club even further forward.  The current instructors do a fantastic job with the bowlers but there simply aren't enough to go around so we need your help.  We would especially welcome female instructors. Click here for more information.

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